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Applications: Due to COVID19, we do not currently have an open application process. Please get in contact through the email address above if you would like to be considered for a residency. Our 2021 residencies are booked at this time. Please allow several days for a response as this is a volunteer run project, organized by one individual.

Accessibility: The Fellow Ship Artist Residency takes place in a 16-foot camper trailer a wooden ramp entryway. The outhouse and shower are at ground level.  The land is generally flat and covered in wood chips. The entrance to the sauna is a ramp. There is one parking spot available to you on a gravel driveway, 10-feet from the trailer door. The trailer has power, water, heat and Wi-Fi. It is equipped with a XL Twin bed, kitchen and work/dining table. Photos of the space and an extensive residency guidebook are available upon request.

COVID19 Safety and the Residency: Please social distance and bring a mask and wear it when we are around each other. I have Diabetes and am in a high-risk group when it comes to COVID.  While at the residency, you’ll be in your own, self-contained living space. Just like in the city, there are a wide selection of folks treating COVID with all sorts of theories here on the island. You’ll see some people in masks and some without. There is a lot more space out here and not many humans, so in general it is more relaxed. But at the same time, a large percentage of the island population is made up of retired older folks, so a lot of folks are more at-risk out here. Bring a mask with you if you roam the island, in case you want to swing by the General Store and pick up food or encounter another human. Masks are also required on the Ferry if you are walking or biking on. 

About the Residency: I have been developing the Fellow Ship Artist Residency since May of 2019. I want to create a welcoming, quiet place that embraces the value of solitude and personal-time in the process of ones artistic practice. Many friends helped me create this residency along the way and I am so grateful for their knowledge, help and contributions. I could have not built this without their support. 


About the Founder

Clyde Petersen (They/He) is a Northwest artist, working in film, animation, music, installation and fabulous spectacle. Clyde is the director of Torrey Pines, an autobiographical stop-motion animated feature film, which premiered in October 2016 and toured the world with a live score for two years. In 2019, he had a solo exhibition entitled Merch and Destroy at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Clyde is currently working on 2 new feature films. 

Clyde has been the recipient of the Artist Innovators Award, The Neddy at Cornish, The Stranger Genius Award, Amazon Artist Residency, the NEFA Touring Artists Grant, and various project grants from 4Culture, Office of Arts and Culture and Artist Trust throughout the years. His work has been featured in museums, galleries, DIY spaces and film festivals around the world. He is represented by J. Rinehart Gallery in Seattle, Washington. 

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